Aussie Skin

Pre-applied HDPE Sheet Waterproofing Membrane

AVM AUSSIE SKIN 550 (75 mil) and AUSSIE SKIN 560 (100 mil) are heavy duty, contractor-friendly, puncture-resistant sheet waterproofing membranes with added technologies creating excellent adhesion between the membrane and wet concrete or Shot-Crete. Once the concrete or Shot-Crete is cured, the membrane becomes fully bonded to the concrete surface, eliminating any potential migration of water between itself and the concrete surfaces to which it is bonded.

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AVM Industries is excited to introduce the new Aussie Skin 550G and Aussie Skin 560G. Aussie Skin 550G and 560G provide all of the same features and benefits of the original Aussie Skin line, but the new patent-pending “G” version has replaced the white granules with grey granules. This seemingly small change has resulted in a product that continues to bond to concrete better than any other leading competitor but now also provides two key benefits - enhanced damage detection and snow blindness protection.



If Aussie Skin 550G and 560G are damaged in the field, the grey granules provide a stark contrast to the white HDPE below. The result is that the Aussie Skin 550G and 560G now have Enhanced Damage Detection, making it significantly easier to inspect a jobsite for damage and penetrations quickly. This not only saves time but also greatly reduces risk.

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Aussie Skin 550G and 560G help protect against “snow blindness.” Field trials have shown that by reducing the reflectivity of the material, installers are able to see their surroundings and dangers much more clearly. The new patent-pending “G” increases the safety of every person working both on and near blindside waterproofing.


Aussie Mate 580-AL

Peel-and-stick Aluminum Faced Bituminous Sheet Waterproofing

The AVM AUSSIE MATE 580-AL is a 60-mil heavy duty bituminous waterproofing sheet membrane with an aluminum protection layer. AVM Aussie Mate 580-AL exhibits excellent adhesion, elongation and recovery properties. Unlike other sheet membranes, AVM Aussie Mate 580-AL can be left exposed to UV for up to 180 days.

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avm 570

Aussie Membrane 570

Hot Rubber Membrane

Aussie Membrane 570, is a hot-applied asphalt-based composition membrane applied in a liquid state to form a continuous, seamless, tough, flexible, black, fully-adhered waterproofing membrane. Aussie Membrane 570 – Hot Rubber exhibits excellent elongation and recovery properties and maintains excellent long term stability.

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Aussie Membrane 502

Two-part Water-Based Spray-applied Rubber/Bitumen

The AVM AUSSIE MEMBRANE 502 is vapor-proof, brown rubber/ bitumen liquid emulsion with excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane. The AUSSIE MEMBRANE 502 is a thixotropic cold applied bitumen emulsion with added rubber late that exhibits excellent elongation and recovery properties.

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