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Learn the basics of low-slope commercial roofing - including common roof terminology, as well as popular roofing systems, product types and their assemblies. This interactive program can be tailored to provide either a broad overview of roof systems, or can focus on specific system technologies.

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An overview of the codes pertinent to permanent engineered fall protection systems, design considerations for common hazards, and installation options. The program provides an nderstanding of a building owner's duty to provide fall protection, the governing bodies for fall protection, and the organizations that create the code. We’ll also discuss important considerations for specifying fall protection on a rooftop and throughout a building and the  hierarchy of fall protection efficacy.

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ANSI/SPRI GT-1 was added into the 2021 International Building Code, offering a holistic approach to design and testing standards for gutter systems. As gutters are an integral part of the roof edge system, ANSI/SPRI GT-1 provides a consensus for an acceptable level of performance with real world practicality. This course will review the standard and test methods for gutter systems that secure membrane on commercial low slope roof systems for load resistance and why that is important for specifiers.

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Understand how the utilization of integrated sheathing solutions, in conjunction with innovative liquid flashing systems, can assist in streamlining the detailing and overall installation of a given project.


The roof edge serves as the building’s first line of defense against damaging winds and severe weather. That’s why specifying a roof edge to be compliant with ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 and other important testing standards to meet building code is critical. Learn more about how you can significantly reduce risk and liability while protecting roof systems against failure.

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Rooftop paver systems increase the usable square footage of a structure by providing a durable pedestrian surface on roof decks while also increasing roof life expectancy and providing a durable surface that protects the roofing system from thermal shock, UV degradation, and impact.

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Gain an understanding of the overall commercial roofing market and how thermoplastic systems have become the dominant choice for owners and designers. We’ll also review the types and advantages of single ply thermoplastic roofing systems while exploring the importance of single-source roofing systems, system support, and roof warranty coverage.

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This program will assist the designer in selecting the appropriate waterproofing system based on site conditions and construction methods while also focusing on the importance of quality control measures for attaining the desired performance of the specified waterproofing system.


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