DensElement Barrier System

The patented DensElement Barrier System with AquaKor Technology redefines the typical water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) system. Having undergone rigorous performance testing, DensElement eliminates the need for a separate WRB-AB and reduces the potential for installer error associated with field-applied WRB-AB systems. The end result is a faster, easier installation process that provides the protection of a continuous WRB-AB. 
Finally, for maximum protection, the DensElement Barrier System is complete only with tested and approved DensDefy Accessories, which fills and seals joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations and transitions.

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AquaKor Technology transforms the entire gypsum sheathing into a WRB-AB by integrating the fiberglass mat and gypsum core to form a monolithic, hydrophobic surface that blocks bulk water but allows vapor to pass-through.


DensDefy Accessories

DensDefy Liquid Flashing and DensDefy Transition Membrane products complete the DensElement Barrier System for your diverse building needs. DensDefy Accessories take DensElement’s proprietary moisture management even further, elevating the envelope finish and ensuring performance compatibility under a single trusted name.

Liquid Flashing

DensDefy Liquid Flashing is a waterproofing, and detailing compound made with STP Technology which seals rough openings, penetrations, joints, sheathing fasteners and seams in new or existing wall assemblies. DensDefy Liquid Flashing creates a highly durable elastomeric flashing membrane that eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape and reducing installation time.


Transition Membrane

DensDefy Transition Membrane is an impermeable, self-adhered sheet designed for use as a rough opening flashing and transition membrane for connecting dissimilar materials to maintain air and moisture barrier continuity. DensDefy Transition Membrane bonds to most surfaces such as glass mat gypsum sheathing, poured concrete, masonry, steel, and wood based substrates. 

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