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Join us IN PERSON for DesignSmart 2021!

DesignSmart is BACK! Please join us November 17th from 9:30a to 2:30p as SJ Mallein & Associates presents our annual complementary continuing education opportunity for the Greater Chicago design community. 

DesignSmart will feature four AIA-accredited (HSW) continuing education presentations and open discussions on roofing components, systems, and accessories. 

The event will feature a meal during the four programs. DesignSmart is FREE to attend but prior registration is required.

Class size is limited so REGISTER TODAY!

November 17, 2021

Michael Jordan’s Restaurant
1225 W 22nd St.
Oak Brook, IL


Register Today!



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Understanding Thermoplastics: 
Why TPO & PVC Are Winning on the Rooftop

The program discusses the most widely utilized commercial roof cover technology – thermoplastic membranes, with a core focus on TPO and PVC applications. Similarities and differences in the production, installation, and performance of the materials will be explored. The presenter will also note the advantages of viewing a roofing assembly as a “system,” instead of just a membrane and its accessories, and provide guidance on how to choose the appropriate roofing system for a given building.

Presenter: Robert Anderson, CSI, CDT
Regional Account Manager
Firestone Building Products

Understanding Spray Foam Insulation in Building Design

Participants will gain an better understanding of what spray foam insulation is - the characteristics, components and what makes a quality SPF product. We will also discuss building benefits using spray insulation and learn about sustainability; where energy is lost in conventional insulation systems, and  how to achieve R-value in building design; open cell versus closed cell in building design, and the numerous energy-saving benefits.

Presenter: Jason Kron
North Central Area Manager
Gaco SprayFoam

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** Special Lunch Program **
Update on the new ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Test Standard for Gutters

ANSI/SPRI GT-1 was added into the 2021 International Building Code, offering a holistic approach to design and testing standards for gutter systems. As gutters are an integral part of the roof edge system, ANSI/SPRI GT-1 provides a consensus for an acceptable level of performance with real world practicality. We will review the standard for gutter systems that secure membrane on commercial low slope roof systems for load resistance and why that is important for specifiers.

Presenter: Bryan Brunow
Midwest Regional Business Development Manager

Advantages of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) for Building Thermal Insulation

Vacuum insulation panels offer higher thermal resistance per unit thickness than traditional insulation materials. This means a building envelope can meet the effective R-values for enclosures required by the energy codes without having to increase the thickness of the walls, roof, or floors. This course discusses how VIPs work, why they are effective,  the impact the properties of the materials used to construct a VIP can have on its performance, and the advantages of using VIPs as thermal insulation in the design of energy-efficient buildings.

Presenter: Jon Downey
Business Development Manager, North America, Building Materials Group
Panasonic US

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Why Use Cover Boards?

A cover board can be a strategically important addition to roofing system assemblies. Damage from wind, hail, water intrusion, fire, foot traffic, and puncture can potentially be mitigated using a cover board. This presentation will discuss what a cover board is and outline best practices for specifying a cover board in roof assemblies. It will also identify what factors affect the lifespan of a roof and explain how a cover board can impact the performance of a building.

Presenter: Colin Vaughan, CSI, CDT
Business & Architectural Resource - Central Great Lakes

DesignSmart 2021 - November 17, 2021 9:30-3p


Win Cubs Tickets for the 2022 Season!

All DesignSmart 2021 attendees are automatically entered to win Cubs tickets!
The winner of the drawing will receive a set of four tickets to Chicago Cubs game during the 2022 regular season.
See below for additional information.

FOUR Chances to win Gift Cards!

All DesignSmart attendees are automatically entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card after each class session. 

Fourth Annual SJ Mallein Food Drive!

SJ Mallein & Associates is proud to once again partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depostitory to bring awareness, collect food, and raise money for our annual food drive. No one should ever go hungry, especially during the coming holiday season. Help us by bringing a food item to the DesignSmart event, or you can make a secure monetary donation by clicking the “Online Donation” button below. Every dollar raised through this virtual food drive will be used to buy nutritious food for our community.


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Event Schedule

arrival and registration

Session 1 - Understanding Thermoplastics:
Why TPO & PVC Are Winning on the Rooftop
(Presented by Firestone)

Session 2 - Understanding Spray Foam Insulation in
Building Design
(presented by Gaco)

Lunch and ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Update
(Presented by Metal-Era)

Session 3 - Advantages of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP)
for Building Thermal Insulation
(Presented by Panasonic)

Session 4 - Why Use Cover Boards in North America?
(Presented by Georgia-Pacific)

cocktail hour

Programs and presenters are subject to change.


Michael Jordan’s Restaurant
1225 W 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL

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Attendees are asked to follow  health protocols as called out by the facility, in conjunction with State of Illinois guidelines.

DesignSmart 2021 - November 17, 2021 9:30-3p


Rules, disclaimers, and other fine print...

Course credit will be awarded ONLY if the attendee is present during the program. Course credit is not earned by registration only.
This is a live and in-person event.
The baseball ticket package consists of four (4) tickets to one (1) Chicago Cubs baseball game during the 2022 baseball regular season.
Selection of the actual game for the winner will be determined at a future date.
Winners of one of the four gift cards at the end of a CEU are eligible for only one (1) gift card.

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