The GacoProFill SYSTEM is the first complete spray foam system to offer a consistent cavity fill and a smooth surface with no trimming needed. The self-compressing characteristic of this tough, true polyurethane based spray foam is the reason GacoProFill can be quickly and easily installed behind a membrane (either GacoProFilm or GacoProWeb) as part of the GacoProFill SYSTEM.

Because there is virtually no waste, the GacoProFill SYSTEM provides higher yields than most open cell foams and scrap disposal expenses are greatly reduced or eliminated.

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GacoOnePass Closed Cell Foam installs quickly in up to 4+” passes which reduces labor costs by 50% or more and offers 20-30% higher yields than standard 2 lb. foams when sprayed in one pass at 3 to 4” thickness.

GacoOnePass is ideal for use in a variety of residential and commercial applications and it can be used in deep fill applications with up to 18” in depth per pass for applications like trench fill, pipe erosion control, container filling, etc. And, as an ABAA Evaluated Material as part of an ABAA Evaluated Assembly, GacoOnePass is approved for use in air barrier systems.

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