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SJ Mallein & Associates prides itself on providing top-notch service to our customers and brings extensive building envelope protection expertise and experience to every stage of your project. Reach out if our team can provide any of these complementary services to your team.
april 1

Specification and Detail Review

Allow SJ Mallein & Associates to bring their extensive real-world experience to assist you in developing your construction documents to ensure clarity, consistency, constructibility and that they're in alignment with code and warranty requirements.

april 7

Lunch & Learns

Let SJ Mallein & Associates lead your next accredited Lunch & Learn activity. Our experienced staff brings extensive experience in building envelope systems to your firm while you earn valuable CEUs with insightful and informative presentations.

april 5

Tapered System Design

Let’s face it - designing an effective tapered insulation system can get tricky. After all, most roofs aren't simple rectangles with tall parapets! SJ Mallein & Associates can assist in developing systems that will provide positive drainage while meeting necessary code requirements.

april 6

Existing Roof System Evalutions

Is it time to replace your existing roof? SJ Mallein & Associates is available to assist in evaluating the condition of your roof and help you develop a plan for managing your valuable roofing asset, including whether you should repair, recover or replace.

april 4

Safety Anchor Layout and Review

SJ Mallein & Associates, in partnership with Rooftop Anchor, can assist in developing OSHA-compliant fall protection systems custom-taylored to fit the needs of your building, including fall-arrest and rope descent systems.

april 3

Paver and Vegetative System Layouts

SJ Mallein & Associates can provide you with effective resources to design the best amenity space or select the most impactful plantings for your rooftop garden.

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